April 15, 2016

Surreal Sunset

Dear Friends, I find it exciting that wool is making a comeback in the marketplace.  In publications everywhere I look, I see wool featured.  We are receiving more and more inquiries from people moving away from synthetics and back to natural fibers.  It shouldn’t be a surprise, since wool has been providing man with survival […]

March 17, 2016

Where did winter go?

Dear Friends, I started a letter to you in January, and it went: It’s that time of year!  If you love to sled, ski, snowboard, or just play in the snow in general, you’re in heaven!  I guess us ranchers are in heaven too, because we’re sure grateful for the snow and moisture.  Only we […]

deb pic 2
January 26, 2016

An Interview with Deb Newton

An Interview with Deborah Newton   When Deborah Newton received the request from Imperial Yarns to create a spring collection, she knew she loved our yarns and wanted to create a strong proposal. Designing, for Deborah, begins with sketches and swatches, plenty of swatches (which you can see below). Deborah has been designing for many […]

December 9, 2015


Dear Friends, Thanksgiving is behind us; well the holiday at least. Everyday is a day of thanks giving if we’re thinking right. The fall work is done (see Ranch News September 2015), we’re settled in for winter , and waiting on a baby! Many of you know that Keelia and Blaine are expecting their 2nd […]

November 12, 2015

Full Circle

Dear Friends, Halloween may be “black magic,” but the real magic is in the beautiful fall itself. This is such an inspiring time of year. The brilliant colors of fall and light you could never create. You walk out the door, breathe deep and try to decide which incredible adventure to have next! One I […]

IMG_4119 (800x600)
October 15, 2015

Shabby Fences

Dear Friends, We had just a bit of slack time around here between harvest and the coming fall seeding and roundup activities, so the boys worked in “fix up” chores here at the headquarters. They’ve been replacing broken or weak boards on the old fences and corrals, repairing gates, fabricating new parts and hanging the […]

September 21, 2015

When the Works All Done This Fall

Dear Friends, There’s magic in that phrase! Someone was asking about our schedule the other day, and I thought for a minute and said, “We can probably make that work, when the work’s all done this fall.” As soon as I said it, I realized they would not know what I was talking about! “When […]

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August 1, 2015


Dear Friends, One thing we live with this time of year in our dry desert country, is the fear of fire. And fear is the right choice of words. For the last several years, we have fought fire, but not on our property. The last fire that burned on us was four years ago, when […]

Bingham 05 018
July 14, 2015

Riding the Circle

Dear Friends, I was talking with someone the other day, who mentioned “riding the circle.”  That phrase transported me so quickly to a place I love — in the saddle, and so much more.  When livestock are gathered over a big stretch of country, you make a big sweep, like riding a circle.  And someone […]

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