August 1, 2013


Dear Friends,

There’s all kinds of excitement in the house today, especially in the kitchen!  Isn’t that how it always is!  People will be arriving in the next hour, and all the last minute details are happening.  Finish the dusting, sweep the patio, pick some fresh flowers for bouquets, and cooking!  We host Susie McEntire, the Queen of Country Gospel music, and husband Mark Eaton the next few days, as they come in to do the concert our community church in Antelope puts on every August.  We have a normal Sunday attendance of about 25 to 30 people, mostly ranching folks.  But when Susie comes to sing, people come from everywhere, and the lawn has filled with up to 2000 people.  It’s amazing!  This is the 22nd year we’ve held the concert, and people just keep coming.

There’s a roast in the oven, slow braising for dinner after the concert.  The garden is giving us lots of fresh picked lettuce for salads and zucchini for roasting.  And ohhhhh the fruit we have to choose from this time of year!  Cherries, peaches and raspberries fresh from the orchards go with every meal AND dessert!  The stereo’s rockin’ while I work in the kitchen.  Do they still call them stereos?  And it’s definitely not an “iStereo!”  Saw all my little animals during the morning chore round, and even they seemed to be excited.  It’s such a great reminder to take a break from all the work, and just have fun, connecting and visiting with each other.  I’m glad we get visitors!

K B M Wheat (2)

But the biggest news – is Max!  Keelia and Blaine had their first child, a boy named Maxwell James Carver, born mid day on July 31st.  Need I say, he’s the most adorable little guy in the world?!  (In addition to our other grandson whom you’ve already met – Jack!)  Keelia is doing great, and so’s Blaine.  For all of you who know Keelia and how well organized she is, this mother routine will be flowing smooth as silk in no time at all.  In fact, I think she had it smoothed out before they even left the hospital.  As for Blaine, he is a proud Daddy.  He is helping juggle the baby routine, and still out running combine in wheat harvest.  As for Max, named for Dan’s father, he’s already been in the combine!  You can believe this little guy is going to be into all things with motors.  We are all feeling grateful for this new miracle come to life.  I’ll keep you posted from time to time, on the adventures of Max and grandma.

Warm Regards,

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