December 12, 2014

Is That My Photo In the Wall Street Journal?

sheep reading Wall Street Journal
Dear Friends,

I know I’ve said this before, but “I love this time of year!” Not the weather, but all the meaning! We just did something over Thanksgiving we haven’t done in years. We took the kids and grandkids and went on a family trip. Ten days of communal living, staying together, playing together, eating together and so much fun! When you live in the desert, you hardly remember what kids are like at the beach. And we went to a warm beach! They were in the sand and water from sunrise to sunset. What a playground — I almost completely forgot there would be work waiting when we got home!

And now we anticipate the coming Christmas. I’m ready this minute, to start baking pies. It’s been a hectic fall and I’ve made only a couple, so now the stress will be which kind? I want all of them! Peach, pumpkin, apple, marionberry, and even lemon meringue sounds wonderful. And who doesn’t love a cherry pie! Guess I’ll save that one for July. Pies exemplify holiday meals, family gatherings, connecting with each other and all the things that are important to us, “grandma’s house.” They symbolize abundance, and that’s a great reminder to be grateful for all we’ve been given.

One of the wonderful things about selling products instead of a commodity, is the people who reach out to meet you. The other day, someone was looking at our products on a website, saw a picture of the guard dogs, and contacted us with a million questions. I had the opportunity to let them inside the life and culture of a guardian dog, sharing some of the great lessons and experience they’ve taught us. These connections are important. By the way, you can now find where to purchase our apparel and blankets at

We’ve been mentioned in a number of media stories lately, due mainly to a New York apparel company telling our story as they launch their sweaters made with Imperial Yarn. We introduced them to our value chain partners who process the wool all the way through the steps to finished products, and then they made a short film (60 seconds) of that process. It’s beautifully done: You may find yourself watching it again and again. We appreciate all the people who support our efforts and become our partners, like Zady has done this fall. We were surprised and pleased to have our Imperial Blankets mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and then just recently, their story on the Zady launch which included beautiful videos with a lot of footage shot here at the ranch. In the print version of the Wall Street Journal story, we were all excited to see granddaughter Holly’s 4-H sheep pictured! That’s what the picture is; I thought the sheep would enjoy the Wall Street Journal with breakfast! I continue to be amazed by the good wishes of support people send our way. It takes everyone to make this work.

I will be in Portland this Friday (11-5pm), December 12th at Mercantile, visiting with anyone who drops in about Imperial apparel and blankets. If you are in Portland, come by and say hello! I’d love to see you.

Warm Regards,

Brushed Wool Scarf 1
Brushed Wool Scarves

Soft, stylish and very warm, these scarves were created from the no waste ethos of Rancher and Chief Yarn Girl Jeanne Carver. Made on the same looms that wove the Imperial Blankets, these gorgeous scarves reclaim the yarn and yardage that would have been waste during blanket weaving. Each scarf features cream colored undyed virgin wool edged with a contrasting color blanket stitch.

A limited quantity of scarves is available for purchase on the Imperial Stock Ranch website or by calling the ranch at 541-395-2507 weekdays 8-5 PST. Use code BSDN14 at checkout to receive 10% off your order of two or more scarves.

stars and stripes stocking
Featured Pattern – Stars and Stripes Stocking

This patriotic stocking will add a great touch of Americana to your holiday décor. Stars and Stripes Stocking was created by designer and author Robin Denney using Imperial Yarn Erin. Robin was inspired by the use of Imperial Yarn by Ralph Lauren in the Opening Ceremonies Sweater worn by American athletes during the Winter Olympics earlier this year. Robin is passionate about intarsia Christmas Stockings, as can be seen in her new book Keepsake Christmas Stockings. All of her stockings include directions for personalization, and her book is a great resource for beginning intarsia knitters.

Robin has graciously offered a discount of 20% off any Christmas Stocking in her ravelry store to our readers. Please use code ImperialDec14 at check out. Discount ends 1/3/15. Click here to see all of Robin’s designs on Ravelry.