Our Black Angus cattle are born and raised on the range lands of the Imperial Stock Ranch where they eat a balanced and nutritious, all natural, vegetarian diet of grasses.  Grazing animals were intended to “bite” grasses, stimulating plant growth and root development, a vital role in keeping healthy stands of vegetation growing across the landscape.  In turn, these plants hold the soil and protect from erosion aiding in cleaner streams, and in the riparian areas, helping to shade and cool waterThe cattle move across the landscape in a carefully managed rotational grazing system.  The sunlight energy captured in plants and “harvested” by cattle through grazing, is then converted to meat and skin, things that make that energy usable to man.


The Imperial Stock Ranch has received numerous awards for excellence in stewardship and land management practices.  The rotational grazing system, strategic placement of mineral supplements and numerous off-stream water developments, are all part of the conservation management plan under which the ranch operates.  As a part of this, the livestock experience a high quality of life, living free and clean, and grazing naturally as intended.  The cattle play a vital role in the health of the landscape, and in the return of record numbers of salmon to spawn in the creeks.  The Imperial Stock Ranch belief is that an ever improving landscape leads to a healthier ranch economy, which in turn directly contributes to the vitality of our local and regional communities.  Sustainability is not something you achieve, rather it is a process that is constant and ongoing.  We continually observe, and work to do better.

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